Review: LMS Spotlights – Zapping Problem Areas

Always on the hunt for innovative skin care and anti-aging products, I was recently delighted to find a new treatment option to counteract annoying pimples, spots, and acne. LMS_Spotlights

LMS Spotlights have created a range of three compact and stylish battery operated Red Light Therapy devices for use directly onto the skin affected by a painful pimple for as little as 1 minute, 3 times per day.   Red Light Therapy is a low-level light therapy that sits within the red or near infrared (NIR) spectrum and has been utilised to aid in skin and cell regeneration, as well as work as an anti-inflammatory since the 1950’s.

When a spot or a pimple appears under the skin, the body produces a molecule known as Mitochondrial Nitric Oxide (NOMT).  This molecule deviously slows down the ability for the body to fight the infection and thus cannot heal itself as fast as we would like.  However, the Red Light Therapy emitted from the LMS Spotlight frees the harmful molecules (NOMT), naturally speeding up the body’s healing process and bringing ones’ skin back to a balanced state and glowing clear complexion.

After thoroughly researching the Red Light Therapy device, and feeling comfortable that there would be no harmful side-effects, I purchased two models, the LMS Spotlight 8 – to handle just a few pimples or blemishes, and the LMS Spotlight 24 – to handle tougher, larger areas of inflammation.  Both devices can easily fit into a man’s wash-bag or women’s handbag and are light in weight, and stylish in appearance.

Operation is easy and straightforward; Simply cleanse skin prior to use then just place the LMS Spotlight (3, 8 or 24) onto the surface of the skin of the affected area – press and hold the on/off button for 2 seconds – once the unit starts beeping you know the treatment cycle has begun.   After 1 minute of red light therapy, the device will automatically turn off.  LMS state that for best results one should take 3 treatments a day for no more than 1 minute per session.

Sensations and Side Effects from the LMS Spotlights

Apart from the beeping ( which I personally find a little annoying), there is no other physical stimulation to the skin, no pain whatsoever and only perhaps the very slight sensation of warmth from the red light of the device – certainly nothing that could be construed as harmful.

Results from the LMS Spotlights

LMS SpotlightsSo, at the end of the day, what you all want to know is, ‘does it work’?  Well, so far I believe it does.  I have been using the LMS Spotlight over the past few months and definitely do see an improvement in my skin.  Any pimple or spot that tries to raise its ugly head is rapidly reduced to a painless blemish and then completely disappears within a day or two.  The LMS Spotlight is medically certified so I feel it is a completely safe skincare treatment to add to my daily skincare regimen.  It’s easy to use and sensitive to time, something which we seem to have so little of these days.

Treat your skin to a special delight and forever enjoy the absence of painful spots and pimples.

Where to buy LMS Spotlights

LMS can be purchased at Boots

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