New Look, Feel and Rebrand

Welcome to our ‘stylish new look’, The Men’s Boutique. Yes, that is correct, we have rebranded from Manscape ( to Men’s Boutique.

When we first started, the main focus of Manscape was to be a small blog website where we wrote men’s grooming related articles.  However, it soon evolved into much more in-depth articles on men’s health, style and fashion, as well as skincare product reviews, and our readership started to grow!

Reviews and recommendations Men's Boutique

Along with the reviews came product recommendations – this spurred us on. We started learning from our marketing partners and suppliers that a good sale comes from a trusted source or an authority on that particular subject matter. To this end, we took the approach of not reviewing everything that came across our desks, but instead only to review those products we felt would be of benefit to our readers.  Not always an easy task, for the benefits to one man could be of detriment to another – especially in the fickle world of skin care products and fashion.

Moving on… expansion
We decided early last year (2016) that we could go one of two ways – Close down the business completely, or rebrand and expand.  Clearly, we have chosen the latter, and we are now very happy with the decision we have made. We not only have the full back catalogue of carefully written and researched articles, but also lots of new content that we will be sharing with our readers.  An entire online store that is packed full of male grooming products that include, skincare products, special eye care treatments, hair cleansing and styling products, beauty accessories, and a fabulous range of designer menswear and much more.


This rebrand is not something we could have done alone. Though it was clear we wanted to change, and yes, we had great ideas, to carry out a successful rebrand takes a lot more effort and hard work than meets the eye! We had to think about:

  • New logo design and creation,
  • Design,
  • Website build,
  • Branding,
  • User notifications (mailing lists etc),
  • Change of URL (while keeping current website positions and old history),
  • Notifying existing supplier base,
  • Advertisements,
  • And much, much more…

With all these factors to deal with it was clear we were going to need some outside help. For this, we approached Sonet Digital, an Internet marketing company in Kent who have long experience with marketing a whole range of products and services to businesses in London and throughout the UK and in some cases further afield. Their online rebrand was of particular interest to us, and they also came well recommended, so it made perfect sense for us to pick their brains to help with our expansion and rebrand.

Why Men’s Boutique?

At the time we were discussing the rebrand, the domain name extension .boutique was launched and it just made perfect sense to go for the best possible name option that truly represented what we would be offering – a men’s boutique filled with menswear, accessories, and male grooming products for men from all walks of life.  So Men’s Boutique it is!

All of a sudden…
Our original release date was scheduled for mid-April, but due to external circumstances beyond our control, we decided on a soft-launch at the beginning of March. Seriously, it was ‘all hands-to-deck’, and a totally mad rush to complete everything…well almost!

We had some good advice from one of the Sonet team, Deana Smart-Zegna, who reminded us that the website is an ongoing and evolving entity and that it doesn’t end when you release the site, “You keep building, experimenting and creating.”  With such good advice, we unleashed the site

So that’s the story of the rebrand and relaunch.  Now we’d just like to say thank you to you for dropping by, and offer a warm welcome to the shop floor of the Men’s Boutique!

We’ll be updating store products, articles and blogs on a regular basis, so keep in touch and let us know if there’s anything in particular you think our readers would enjoying hearing about.

Until next time,

The Men’s Boutique






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