Male Waxing, Tanfastic Review

There are a couple of legitimate reasons why I have decided this week I am grooming all over.  One of them is that summer is now fully upon us and it is set to be a real scorcher. There is no better time for a full-body clean-up, and especially if you plan on hitting the beach and looking your fighting best.  The other reason and I feel the more important one, is that my partner is coming back after being away on business in the States for quite some time. She is partial to everything being clean and smooth, so after starting with a male manicure and pedicure, followed by a facial, I decided to take the plunge and go for the male wax – nut sack, and crack – a partial manscaping.

Searching for Male Wax Treatments in Bournemouth

I am not an overly hairy guy by any stretch of the imagination but a bush is a bush and after years of clipping and pruning it has taken on a life of its own and I find myself not just armed with a pair of scissors and clippers, but also needing skills in creativity with a razor. I said “Self, enough is enough”  and started researching where I could find a male waxing salon in Bournemouth. I tried the regular male grooming places such as Tonic, but unfortunately ‘nut, crack, and sack’ was not an option (not yet anyway). So I asked around and it was suggested that ‘sugaring’ could be an option for me, but I have heard conflicting stories about this process and I am told that it can be a little ‘messy’, so I crossed sugaring that off my list.  After several calls, I was not getting anywhere. I found a lot of salons were owned by women who would not wax a man, or just plain inexperienced at waxing men and had no idea at all. Male waxing

I decided to speak with my partner about this as she has regular Brazilian wax treatments and she suggested I have a male equivalent of a Brazilian. I started shopping around and soon came across Nancy Mayne, the owner of Tanfastic.  Nancy specialises in waxing and spray tanning. Though she is based in Poole her clientele come from all around the Bournemouth area.

So it was this evening I headed over to see Nancy for my first wax session and admittedly felt a little trepidation about the process. After all, for years, I have heard stories of the intense pain one can experience, and here I was about to receive first-hand experience on the subject!

I was greeted by Nancy, a charming woman with a professional demeanour who made me feel at ease and relaxed after speaking to me for a short time.  Nancy asked what sort of wax I wanted, and I requested an intimate wax.

Male Brazilian Waxing

When it came time to start the wax, I was asked to get on the treatment table on all fours where I leant down on my elbows with my butt in the air. This is one of the most unpleasant positions for a man to be in. Nevertheless, I did as I was told and Nancy went to work. First, she applied warm liquid along the crack and down to the perineum using a large wooden spatula. It was not really hot but came as a little shock at first when she placed the strips and started the process. I must admit I was geared up for a painful session, but I was wrong, in actual fact the process does sting but not as much as you would expect. Nancy was quick and as gentle as possible, the stinging sensation came from the hair being removed with the strips, it was soon over.

Nancy then moved onto the testicles which as we all know are quite sensitive, and this is the part where I tensed and started babbling about all and everything. Nancy asked me to keep talking to take my mind away from the pending job at hand. I was not particularly looking forward to hair removal of the genital area and my nerves got the better of me.

There has to be a lot said about having a thick warm liquid, the consistency of honey, rubbed onto your scrotum area and the shaft of your penis.  You even start forgetting the stinging feeling received from the hair that was removed from your buttocks and feeling everything was going to be okay…  it was then that strips were removed and the stinging sensation came back, but this time on the scrotum and the shaft. It soon wakes you from any bliss that you may have fallen into. But again, I must stress it is not as bad as it is made out to be. It is possible that because Nancy is one of the best waxing specialists in the area, that she has had years of experience and knows the least painful way of waxing.

The finishing touches were made to the pelvic region and above the pubic area. I opted for a strip – or rather a neatly trimmed triangle and I was glad it was over. The full price cost me £40.00 and it was money well spent.

Things you should know before and after a wax

Make sure you are clean, this is not just for hygienic reasons but you are exposing yourself. You don’t want to go there covered with the day’s sweat and grime, it will make you feel uncomfortable and won’t be so great for the treatment specialist either. A good wash and scrub of the genital area will go a long way.

Have a little trim before you go, the shorter the hair (as long as it is not below the length of a grain of rice) and less it will hurt. It is not necessary to fully trim as a good waxing specialist will do this for you.

Purchase some Aloe Vera gel from your local pharmacy. This I something you should not be without. You will find this helps considerably in taking out any redness and it also soothes any sensitive areas very nicely.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that receiving a male wax is liberating, it is though very refreshing and feels very good afterwards. I am overall very pleased and will be returning next month, at which time I am told it will hurt less as the hair will grow back a little finer.

Here is a little fact about waxing – well in the local area anyway – that more men than woman are booking appointments for a wax – it seems that the male population is getting in on the act and wanting their crown jewels looking their best and who can blame them – after all, it’s not just you who benefits, but your partner also.

To book an appointment visit the Tanfastic website, or call Nancy on 07761 624451


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  1. Sally M
    Sally M says:

    You are a much braver person than I am. I squirm and wriggle when I have to go for a bikini wax. At least she was gentle with you. I will consider her for my next treatment.


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