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Vichy Homme Products

As you know, the team at Men’s Boutique are always eager to test new men’s products so it was with great excitement (last week) that we tore open a box of goodies we’d received from Vichy and have spent the past week testing out the various products to provide a review of three of the ‘Vichy Homme’ men’s skin and body care range.

But first, here’s a little info about the Vichy Laboratories brand and its humble beginnings.

History of Vichy Laboratories Skincare

As with so many creations, the Vichy skincare range began with a conversation back in 1930, this one between Dr Haller, a medical director of the thermal treatment centre in Vichy, France, and renowned perfume manufacturer Georges Guérin.

Both men realised there were untold skin and beauty benefits to be had from using this mineral-rich volcanic water containing some 15 beneficial minerals and antioxidants, and following deeper research by Dr Haller, in 1931 he founded Vichy Laboratories… the rest, as they say, is history.

Vichy is now one of the active cosmetics division brands from L’Oreal Group

Vichy Homme

Though Vichy Laboratories originally produced only a skin and body care range for women, they now offer an entire selection of Men’s skincare and body products – allow us to introduce you to Vichy Homme – skincare products for men to rebalance, reinforce and regenerate even the most sensitive of skin!Vichy Homme Hydra Magic C+ Anti-Fatigue Hydrating Care

Hydra Mag C+ Anti-Fatigue Hydrating Care

This is a beautifully light, non-sticky, lightly fragranced lotion which seems to refresh the skin the minute it is applied. There is a slight feeling of heat following application as the lotion penetrates the skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully hydrated. After using this product twice a day (morning and night) for a week, we have found the skin to feel smooth, soft and generally revitalised.   

With its pump dispenser, it is easy to control the amount of Hydra Mag C+ used, and the handy 50ml size makes it ideal to carry around in your man-bag, briefcase or overnight bag.  Very well priced at £17.00 and available at Men’s Boutique as part of our Moisturiser range.

Triple Diffusion Anti-Perspirant Vichy Homme Triple Diffusion Deodrant

One short sharp spray of Vichy Homme ‘Triple Diffusion Anti-Perspirant’ will certainly wake you up in the morning, so if you’re used to the more sedate roll-on deodorant, it may come as quite a shock first thing in the morning!  However, if you want a deodorant that lasts all day long (they say it lasts up to 72 hours) then this one is certainly for you, and it has a fresh ‘masculine’ scent which remains throughout the day. It’s hypoallergenic which is great for those with sensitive skin, and it’s alcohol-free too. 

Hydra Mag C Body & Hair Shower Gel

Vichy Homme Shower GelOur team say this is an ideal everyday shower gel that leaves skin feeling clean, refreshed, and soft.  Some men are not keen on a combined body/hair product but we feel the Hydra Mac C shower gel moisturises whilst it cleans, leaving both the skin and hair feeling hydrated.  Again, the fragrance is light and appealing, and the price is perfect – currently £9.00 for 200ml and available in our bath and shower gel range.

Our Recommendation

We like the Vichy Laboratories Homme line. They offer some excellent men’s skin, hair and body products that really do the job.  Hydrating, rejuvenating and protecting a man’s body in all the right ways, in all the right places, and with the competitive pricing, this is a win.

You can find these and all the Vichy men’s product range on the website, or in our shop.



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