Product Review Guidelines

The Men’s Boutique is a portal that promotes male grooming, fashion, health, and men’s lifestyle. The Men’s Boutique team is made up of a small group of guys and girls who are passionate about promoting the portal through informative articles, news blog posts, social media networking, and other advertising means including digital media ads and PPC activities.

What makes Men’s Boutique successful is a wide range of information we offer our readers this includes but not limited to product and service reviews.

Men of all ages come to the Men’s Boutique website to find the latest products on release that relate to men, and most of all to check out the latest market reviews for male orientated products and services.

Our product review services

There is no cost for us to review your product on the Men’s Boutique (Though we have a number of advertising opportunities available) – we make an informed and collaborative decision as to what products we review.  Our reviews are based on the following criteria:

  • Items that may be trending.
  • products that our readers will find useful.
  • Subject matter we are currently writing about and that may be related.

All of our reviews are unbiased, we believe in giving a fair and genuine review on all of the products and services we decide to write about.

If you want your product or service reviewed then the following guidelines should be observed:

  • Products or services must be male orientated or at least unisex. (Unless it’s a specific article relating to a woman, such as gift ideas for men to buy women).If a service review is required then this service must be available for testing.
  • If a service review is required then this service must be available for testing.  An example of a service can be:

hair salon,
or other related services.

  • For products – full working products must be sent to us for review. We will not review on samples (phial samples for example), or your ‘word for it’  – please note each product is tested by a minimum of two persons.A press release and bio must accompany each product.
  • A press release, or information, and company bio must accompany each product.
  • If it’s a fragrance, skincare products, etc. then helpful info such as:

Target market

Any relevant information will help us in learning more about the product or service.

Please note products are not returned unless agreed in advance with the owner/manufacturer who will then be liable for all postage and material costs of return.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you if you have any questions, please get in touch via our contact page.

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