Sculpting the Face with Laser Liposuction

An acquaintance of mine in his 40’s has decided to give his new weight loss regime a kick start with some laser liposuction – or rather I should say the fast and easy route.

This all came about recently when he found himself back on the dating the scene after 17 years of marriage and the not-so-probable breakdown of said marriage. Really for him, it was so unexpected – but you can’t be too comfortable with life, eh! Face Sculpting with Liposuction

John (I will call him that for the sake of this posting) is not a bad looking guy and has that handsome ruggedness and a boyish glint in his eye that puts him in an age purgatory between boy and man. The only problem John has or rather he feels he suffers from is being overweight. A comfortable marriage and home cooked meals from his Italian mother-in-law and his wife has put a couple of Michelin tyre rings and serious set of jowls on his face. He was quite happy with this and his personality being quite vibrant and humorous carried through the day – until now.

John wants to start dating and knows he has to knock off the weight and change a few bad habits of a lifetime to even compete on the dating scene as a viable prospect.  Ask a lot of  men, or woman in their 40’s – the prospect of finding a lifelong partner at that age is quite a daunting task – most of us have serious jobs that do not allow for constant nights or days out on the town or other activities. And we don’t certainly want to go down the bar and nightclub route that we undertook when we were in our early 20’s. Ever seen those guys and woman in their late 40’s prowling the nightclubs and still there to the very end of the night?

Back to our hero John, he has joined a few activity clubs which include dancing,and tennis where he is meeting new friends and many of them single. But he feels his weight is a hindrance to him. He has started to eat a high-fibre, low-fat diet and works out regularly mixing cardiovascular (jogging and tennis) with a light weight regime throughout the week. This has already proved some great results and he feels more confident as each week passes and has shrunk four waist sizes (still not enough) the problem he is now facing is a flabby face. While he has lost a considerable amount of weight and it really shows on his face with a more chiselled jaw slowly starting to appear again – it also has had the effect of drooping jowls – the Basset Hound effect – so after much pained and anguish searching he has decided to opt for a non-surgical cosmetic procedure and have laser liposuction.

Where to find a reliable laser liposuction clinic?

To start his search for a clinic or surgeon that made him feel comfortable he started his search in Google for laser liposuction and fat removal. He decided to call and email the top 15 companies he found in the search results. He was very disappointed as half the websites he visited were referral sites and the ones he did talk too were surgeons who didn’t actually offer the service but outsourced it. Eventually, he found one in his local area which ticked all the boxes of professional, friendly, clean, and more importantly offered the service. John told me he opted for the Wentworth Clinic who have a stellar reputation in surgical and non-surgical procedures that include laser liposuction.

John started his first procedure last week and was impressed with how quickly it took for the first session and though he felt a bit of stinging while the treatment was performed is feeling quite buoyant about his next session. There is no scarring or stitches and only some superficial scabbing that came off after a couple of days to reveal a firm skin with a tighter feeling.  He reports that already the lines on his forehead have reduced by about 40% and skin around his jawline has a firmer and more elastic feel.

We will come back to John and the final results in the coming weeks to see if laser liposuction is really is a viable option rather than going under the surgeon’s knife.


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