Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream Review

Bluebeards Revenge have created a range of stylish shaving products that assist not only in delivering a great close shave but also, over a period of time, claim their shave cream will slow down hair growth, thus reducing the frequency of the often times tiresome daily task of shaving!bluebeards Revenge shaving cream

As regular readers of the site will know that I’m always on the look-out for a smooth, close shave, so I’ve been testing the Bluebeards Revenge Shave Cream over the past few weeks and like what I’m seeing.

Using a badger bristle shave brush is always the way to go if it’s within your budget but if not, Bluebeards Revenge offers a range of shave brushes.   Current prices begin at £6.99 for their Doubloon Bristle shaving brush (I’d suggest for a shaving novice) and on up to £44.99 for their beautiful ‘Corsair’ Super Badger shaving brush (for the shaving professional).    I create a fine lather directly onto my face with my shaving brush and keep working it in for maximum effect.  I’ve already prepared my skin taking a shower immediately beforehand so my skin is softened and ready for a great shave.  I’d describe the consistency of the product as creamy rather than a lather, this adds to the smooth glide I get when using my custom Princess Merkur razor.  Also, when shaving upwards from neck to chin there is no drag either.  My skin not only feels and smells clean and fresh to me but my partner also comments on how close the shave is and how good it feels on her skin – definitely a bonus!

What I also like about this shaving cream is that the Bluebeards Revenge research team worked with one of the principal cosmetics laboratories in the UK enabling them to craft a great shaving product that is free of the controversial chemical Paraben (rumoured to be a cause skin cancer), and instead incorporate natural ingredients such as Coconut acid, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract (Aloe Vera), and Caprylyl Glycol, and the piece de resistance is the addition of Decelerine – a translucent gel that inhibits hair growth, gently weakening new hair creation and decreasing hair density and length.  Other positive attributes to Decelerine are that it soothes, moisturizes and works as an anti-inflammatory during the shaving process.

When Bluebeards Revenge Shave Cream is used regularly one should notice a reduction in hair growth and density from 30 to 60 days – I have not yet reached this stage but once I do I’ll happily update this review with my thoughts on the results.  However, as far as the actual shave goes, I’d highly recommend this excellent shaving cream that not only gives a close shave but also helps maintain and soothe your skin on a daily basis.

A great product offered in totally recyclable packaging this shave cream can also be used by women and may be applied using not only a brush but also with the fingertips – mix into a lather in your hands with just a little water and then gently massage into the required area.

Where to buy Bluebeards Revenge shave cream

BlueBeards Revenge shave products are available from the shaving shack


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  1. Steve Broderick
    Steve Broderick says:

    Good article. I think I will give it a try and report back what I think of it. I am always looking for good shaving soaps. I am not sure about Revenge of Bluebeards overtly macho website. It seems a bit OTT and off puttng. But I don’t thinnk this will afftect the product though.

    • Shave Guy
      Shave Guy says:

      Thank you for the comments Steve. Website aside – It is a good shaving cream and if you are the kind of guy that has sandpaper stubble then this is the cream for you. Used with a real razor this cream will give you a close shave.

  2. Kev the Jaw
    Kev the Jaw says:

    After reading the review here I purchased my first jar of Bluebeard cream last week. I was sceptical as you never know if the reviewer has your kind of taste. My fears were put aside and I can say this is an excellent shaving cream and I am loyal Proraso user but this is equally as good. Thanks for the tip and I will subscribe.


  3. Shave Guy
    Shave Guy says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the comment and yes this is an excellent shaving cream. Check out the life-saving properties on the latest boxes of Bluebeard. Full support for Orchid – an organisation that exist to save men’s lives from testicular, prostate and penile cancers through a range of support services.


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