A Guide for Men buying Gifts for Women

I recently went online in search of a guide that would assist men in looking Guide for me buying gifts for womenfor gifts for women. Any man in a relationship understands the importance of purchasing the right gifts for her but this is no mean feat, and I am sensible enough to accept that I do need a little extra help in this area. I rather chuckle at the existence of several guides for men buying lingerie for women (do we really need guidance here?) but as far as other women’s gift ideas go there is little relevant online help in the form of a guide, and let’s face it, buying a gift for her is not always such a fun or enjoyable experience when you are trying to get it right!

Gifts to impress here

We men want to impress our ‘love’ with the birthday presents and gifts we choose for them. We want to show that we’ve used our initiative and come up with a selection of the best birthday presents for her, and then enjoy that feeling of relief as we watch her excitedly rip apart the gift wrapping to find something she truly loves and then see that look of love from her as she realises that this year you really stepped up to the podium and chose gifts that you gave so much thought to.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Presents for Her

  • There’s no point in asking her what she’d like because she wants to be surprised.
  • Don’t think about yourself when you’re buying her gift, no matter how cute you think that naughty lingerie ensemble will be on her, the gift is for her, not you.
  • Definitely don’t consider any type of cookware for her birthday gifts – she may love to cook but these are not good gift ideas for her special day – no, no, no.
  • Do get suggestions from her friends. Though you think you know her better than anyone, her girlfriends will have some insight as women that you do not and will offer some basic ideas that will be good starting points.
  • Do remember if buying any sort of clothing that you get the correct size – again ask her friends for this, or look in her wardrobe at items she wears every day.

Shopping for Gifts for Women
Women's gifts at Pressies4PrincessesObviously spending hours traipsing around department stores, heading off in the wrong direction multiple times and feeling hassled from trying to find a parking space etc., are all experiences that we just don’t need to be hounded with when the job at hand is already hard enough to handle! The simple fact is that we’d like to find a one-stop shop where we can view a selection of beautiful and unique gifts for women, have the item gift-wrapped and sent out all without us having to leave the comfort of our desk.

Searching for Women’s gift specialists online I found the perfect online store, Pressies4Princesses, who have a great selection of gifts for women of all ages, for all occasions and who offer same day dispatch as well as another great option to ease the burden of getting it right – they will deliver your gifts to her on a specific day.

Pressies4Princesses founded back in 2002 is the brainchild of Steve Sugden who has now become somewhat of a women’s gift specialist with the help of his amazing team of women only gift buyers. Steve says of his initial interest in the women’s gift industry,

“I created Pressies4Princesses as one of the first women-only online gift retailers. Back then, and to be honest even now, the vast majority of online gift retailers want to sell the latest gadgets, gizmos and gimmicks. We try to avoid all that and sell the sort of gifts that a woman would buy herself”.

Using Pressies4Princesses is a no-brainer for any man who requires help in the gift buying arena. Whether buying for your wife, girlfriend, daughter or mother, this site offers a wonderful selection of special gifts to suit every special occasion in a woman’s calendar.

‘Pressies4princesses is a great site for men choosing gifts for women because we go out of our way to bring them unique gift ideas, gifts that she won’t find on the high street which means she won’t guess the price or think you didn’t make any effort, Steve explains, and adds,

“plus, our all-female buying team ensure we don’t stock anything only a man would think is a good idea for a woman’s gift! Our really fast delivery service is handy too since many men (me included) leave gift buying to the last minute”!

So guys, this now leaves you with a more simplified way of researching and buying birthday presents and gifts for all the women in your life. All you need to do is add a reminder to your calendar a week prior to each special occasion and now when the alert flashes up on your computer screen you’ll be armed and ready to take on the challenge of buying the perfect gift for her.

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